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Liverpool Paintball Kirkby  and  airsoft

Dates and booking in 
Airsoft Kirkby 

Paintball Kirkby 

Free equipment Free Entry.   300 ​paintballs

£20.00 inc

Paintball this Saturday 1st June at Kirby to book ring (07818) 055593
paintballing inc 400 paintballs and 100 free
£28.00 ​​ and 100 free paintballing 400 paintball iStarts at Includes standard paintball gun, mask, full cammo cover-alls and 100 free paintballs. All our Players must arrive aby 9 am. Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day at £7 per 100 or £28 for 500. Typical day's usage is between 400 - 600. 
£10 non-refundable deposit is paid for each  player upon booking   £30per player (balance payable in cash on arrival FREE lunch on day games are total cost £40 00 each  inc 2000 bb Chest Protector gun ak 47 
​times 9.30 to 12.30  or times   1pm to 4pm sunday 

Woooland Airsoft in Liverpool  kirkby

Looking for an exciting Airsoft war in Liverpool Our exciting scenarios are played using ultra-realistic airsoft weapons –  replica rifles that fire small 6 millimetre plastic pellets, within our  Airsoft game zones.

Unlike paintball the airsoft pellets do not explode or contain paint. Airsoft rules rely on the opponent being honest when hit by the pellet and leaving the game. Our airsoft equipment includes more then just a gun – players at NPF are protected with full face airsoft masks, and overalls for the maximum safety.
Most of our fast – moving Airsoft games use re-spawn rules, which mean you’re never out of the action for more than a few minutes right up until the game ends.  No more waiting in dead zones. Airsoft is a team sport, where players quickly learn to work together to gain victory over their opponents – as such, it is ideal for team building, corporate events, and airsoft stag and hen

Participate in Airsoft sessions at Liverpool airsoft from age 14 years and above

All Airsoft sessions must be booked in advance.Minimum group size is 10 players.

A £10 deposit per player or payment in full in advance is required to secure places
Those players that own their own Airsoft guns are permitted to bring / use their own guns on the day subject to relevant checks by liverpool airsoft Management.
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Here  Or contact our Sales Team on

How to Find Air soft in kirby


You have to be over 14 to play at our site
​Age 17 and under must wear a full face mask for all players 

  minimum 10 players or  up to 20 players 
Some things you need to know
Want to try something different? We cater for private parties including, Birthdays, Stags/Hens, and Team Building or even if you just want to get a bunch of mates together and shoot each other!
We do a fantastic day of fun, we offer endless scenarios acted out by opposing teams and players, from simple base swaps, or capture the flag games to complicated hostage rescues. Why not compete against each other for the ultimate day of fun. Full day  3 hours £45:00 per player minimum 10 players. Lunch provided on the moning only

Prices and times


£10 non-refundable deposit is paid for each game player upon booking deposit £30 per player (balance payable in cash on arrival FREE lunch on day games are total cost £40.00 each  inc 2000 bb Chest Protector gun ak 47 
​times 9.30 to 12.30  or times   1pm to 4pm sunday or full day

If you were looking for the ultimate military themed experience, then our Airsoft site in Liverpool woodland site is the place for you. Featuring a 30 acre woodland site, you're guaranteed a rush of adrenaline
ring 07818055593 
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